Back in Seattle… no phones…

So, last Thursday I ordered us some new phones from T-Mobile (a G1 and a Behold) via online cellphone store Wirefly.

They’re set to arrive tomorrow, 5 days after order. Transferring phone numbers to the new carrier was also supposed to happen about 5 days later, but it happened today instead. No phones for us!

That wouldn’t be so bad, but look at the status update from the FedEx tracking system below… Left from Maryland, checked in Indiana, arrived in Seattle, and sent *back* to Indiana??

🙁 🙁


If you want more details, check out these emails:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for contacting our Customer Relations department.

We apologize for all the inconvenience caused to you.

We would liek (sic) to inform you that, your order is activated with the mobile number ###-###-#### and ###-###-#### [my edits] on 3/26/2009 7:02:44 PM and in next 24 hours it will be shipped with the tracking number. And you will be notified via confirmation e-mail regarding the order. Once the order is activated we are unable to change the shipping address on the order and still you want to change the shipping address than (sic) cancel the order and place a new order with correct shipping address on the order by contacting our sales team at 1-866-###-####.

Please visit our Customer Support site located at for the most up-to-date
information regarding your order status and to view or print the details of your order.

Please feel free to contact us again if you need further assistance.

Robinson Samuel,
Customer Relations Department.

—–Original Message—–
From: Mark
Sent: Mar 27, 2009 5:56:11 AM
Subject: T-Mobile: Update order information

First Name:Mark
Last Name:Chen
Topic: Update order information
(I tried to send this earlier but it didn’t seem to work. Trying again.)

My account information did not record my condo number properly. Please change my address to:

#############, Unit B
Seattle, WA 98117

"Unit B" was discarded by your online form, I think.


I love thinking that they’re flabbergasted that I *still* want to change the shipping address. (“we are unable to change the shipping address on the order and still you want to change the shipping address”)

This was included in a later email:

Reminder, you requested to transfer your existing AT&T Wireless phone number. Once your new wireless device is activated with your ###-###-#### number, your old phone will no longer be able to receive calls. This phone number transfer should happen within the next five calendar days unless you receive specific activation instructions included with your shipment.

Does that mean our phones shouldn’t have switched until we activated them?

An email to FedEx to try to let them know that I’m in Unit B got this response:

Dear Mark:

We received your e-mail. Thank you for taking the time to write us about your concerns.

We can forward your request to the corresponding facility, however we cannot give any guarantees. In order to send a message, kindly advise us of the following:
– Your complete address, for verification purposes
– Your telephone contact number

We would appreciate hearing back from you. Again, thank you for contacting FedEx.

Jose Mari M.
FedEx Customer Service

Customer (Mark Chen) – 03/27/2009 02:25 PM
Name: Mark Chen

Comments: Hi,
A package was recently shipped to me but the sender did not include my apt. number on the label.
Is it possible to send a note to the driver/delivery person so that they know which apt. it goes to?
If so, the package tracking number is 981860679977 and it should go to Apartment B.


So, I replied with my correct address. Here’s the response:

We received your e-mail. Thank you for contacting FedEx.

We regret that we are unable to accommodate your request as we need your shipper’s authorization to process this. To change the delivery instructions for your shipment, please advise your shipper to call our Customer Service department at 1.800.Go.FedEx® 800.463.3339.

Thank you for your patience in this matter, and for shipping with FedEx.

Liars! Liars! Oh well.. that’s a pain.

So I emailed Wirefly back asking them to please call FedEx. Their reply:

I?m sorry to hear about your experience. I understand how that could be very frustrating. However we cannot call Fedex to change/add information on your address at this moment. Fedex will attempt to deliver the package at the address we have on file ############## Seattle,WA 98117. If they fail, they will return the package and you may place new order with correct information.

Well, fine. Maybe the driver will be nice and notice the notes I posted on our door and our neighbor’s door that specifies that our place is where the package should be delivered…

Assuming, of course, it isn’t in freakin Indiana!

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  1. Mark, that sucks..its like a perfect storm for an online order. I hope it all gets sorted out! You should have never listened to me…!!!

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