Sam & Max Informer round

Some friends of mine from high school and I (and now some more friends from college, work, etc.) play a game called The Informer. Basically, it’s like the Dictionary game except that instead of writing fake definitions for words we write fake continuations of prose. We call it The Informer because it was originally played using the book by that same title by Liam O’Flaherty featuring the craziest non-sequiter, detective noir crap ever. Anyway, I ran a round of The Informer recently and used the Sam & Max games as the text. You can see the round and results on the Sam & Max Informer round page I created.

Incidentally, the compiled volume of Steve Purcell’s Sam & Max comic books is finally in reprint, called Surfin’ the Highway. The last time I read any of them was back in high school, about 18 years ago! I think my brother might still have some original issues lying around. He should sell em! Our comic book obsession finally worth something!

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