Check out this game called Skyrates!

platform: web browser with Flash

narrative genre: WWI-style air pirate/trading. Think Sky Captain, Last Exile, or Crimson Skies.

player action: plot way-points between floating islands/cities to trade goods between them, wait a few real-time hours, fight bandits in a top-down view using keyboard controls, upgrade your plane, and repeat. Short bursts of actions with nice hour(s)-long waits so you can do the work you’re supposed to be doing in the office/school. 🙂

Come play and send me a note so we can form a Wing (clan, guild…)!

map view with trading and waypoints

combat view

3 thoughts on “Skyrates”

  1. yo mark! i’m in. pilot Dizzy, ship’s the Rustface Avenger. going through the tutorial, but hit me up and let me know what’s up!

  2. Ok, I found out how to make a Wing! You have to go to an island that doesn’t have the maximum of 5 Wings yet. I was able to find one last week and made Wing called CMGP on the Aleut island. To join, you have to get to that island and then talk to the officer in the tavern. Send me a message in-game or however so I know who you are and don’t just let any schmo join up since Wings are limited to 7 or 9 players or something.

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