AoIR8 Day3: Saturday afternoon: Game apparatus

1. Virtual natalities: Creation and procreation play in video games – Lauren Cruikshank
lauren cruikshank.jpg

Protagonist choices:

  • preset avatars (Mario, Lara Croft)
  • customizable avatars (Sims, Miis)
  • procreation (Sims 2) Are babies possessions or do they grow up to be avatars in their own right? Whole slew of marriage/procreation/abortion issues surface here.

Lauren showed us a video of a birth in Second Life. [I love how all the other avatars are just standing around nonchalantly, including the cheerleaders and woman in cat ear suit, etc.]

In Sims 2, men can become pregnant by aliens.

Hannah Arendt‘s theory of nativity. What makes us human isn’t our mortality but our natality.

[Unfortunately, I had to leave before the next two people since I had to catch a bus to Seattle, but they sounded interesting so I’ll post their titles!]

2. Accelerating bodies: Heading for a politics of navigation – Jenny Sunden

3. Replaying the classics: The Internet’s role in creating hybrid scene in the videogame music remix community – Chris Clemens

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