AoIR8 Day2: Friday’s keynote: Henry Jenkins

So, uh… I didn’t actually type up notes to this lecture because I figured lots of other people would be. But then I ended up writing notes *on paper* anyways. Man, was it difficult to alternately write with a pen and chat with a stylus with Casey and TL at the same time. Anyway, my notes will be appended to this post when I get time. For now I have to attend to Saturday’s stuff!

[Edit Oct 22, 2007: Yay, finally got to this page!]

Heny Jenkin’s keynote
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Moral economy
From a business angle, Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 survival means harnessing the collective intelligence of users.
Fans who were once poachers are now seen as legitimate media producers.

But for a community that depends on participation, it’s scary to see (for example) that the majority of YouTube producers are young white males.

Also, companies are wrong if they think they started the participatory culture.

Henry then gave an example with FanLib, a fan fiction website that tried to make money off of fan fiction while also putting restrictions on what fans could write about, all touted as offering something to the community.

Convergence is a culture, not a technical process.

[How do I get that point across in the class I teach?]

[How much does Levy’s collective intelligence map onto distributed cognition?]

Henry spent a bit of time describing “new consumers.” This overlapped with what Alice and he presented at GLS (click on Converging Identities at Play). For example, loyalty, because it is fleeting, is a commodity. [Though, TL or Casey (forget who) mentioned that some fans are very, very loyal today. eg. Firefly]

[Check out the Matrix Reloaded reenactment.]

Emotion is a capital.

[Check out Four Eyed Monsters.]

[Henry covers lots of stuff with ease.]

[Check out gathering of action figures.]

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