AoIR8 Day2: Friday evening

So both yesterday evening and Friday evening I hung out with cool folks, mostly the fine peeps at the University of Utah’s comm department. A whole bunch of them are doing games research, including World of Warcraft research. Seeing that level of joviality and collegiality among profs and grad students alike is amazing. I can’t imagine hanging out with any of my profs like that. At a few points, they tried to convince me to ditch UW and move to Utah. ๐Ÿ™‚

keith cassandra sean.jpg
Keith Cormier, Cassandra Van Buren, and Sean Lawson

joe holly.jpg
Joe Simpson and Holly something

holly sabryna hector.jpgHolly, Sabryna, and Hector Postigo

Cassandra asked me to mention that Holly and Sabryna want to get married, adopt Hector, and treat him as a baby love slave. Whatever. Hector would be nice to have around for his wine wrangling skillz.

I also met up with Sara Grimes (and told her about Jen’s research) and then somehow tagged along with her and whole bunch of people and got to meet Marci, Richard, Florence, and Kelly (and some others who I’ve already forgotten… ๐Ÿ™ ).

marci richard kelly florence sara.jpg
Marci, Richard, Kelly, Florence, Sara, and a few peeps I don’t remember names for

And I had dinner with Ted Coopman, Stephanie Coopman and another guy from Ireland who is now at the University of Illinois (forget his name…).

ted mark.jpg

Ted Coopman and Mark Chen

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  1. These are cool folks Mark! I met some of them at the 4S conference in Montreal. I should have gone to the AoIR, especially since it was so close. Looks like I’ll have to get the inside scoop from you.

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