GLS day 1, lunch and early afternoon

This is a long ass post… πŸ˜›

Lunch went well. I met Shawna Kelly earlier and we met up for lunch and then met up with Tori Horton and Laurie, Tom, and Jen, and also some other people at a table we crashed. Photos!

lunch group1.jpg

lunch group2.jpg

lunch group3.jpg

It’s really cool meeting new people and hearing new ideas… I only wish I could remember everyone’s names better!


After lunch, Jen, Laurie, and I presented our papers with Tom acting as respondent. Here’s a shot of us preparing for it. Jen’s zombied look.

preparing for talk.jpg

I took a photo of the audience when I went up. πŸ™‚


Anyway, my presentation was on the MC raid group I participated with in WoW, but I also threw in a few new slides about what it means to have access to cultural and social capital and who gets left out. The slides themselves don’t say much, but here’s a link in case you want to check it out.


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