I was quoted in the local paper last week!

I was interviewed about Second Life and MMOGs a few weeks ago.  The story came out on the front page of Monday, Feb 26th paper, but, like a dork, I didn’t post this tidbit to my blog.  😛

The internet version isn’t as cool because it isn’t on the front page with a quote from me in big bold letters starting the story off.  But here it is anyway…

Second Life enjoys perks, problems of population boom on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

2 thoughts on “I was quoted in the local paper last week!”

  1. woo, nice quote Mark! I remember at Reed someone asked me something once out of the blue and I gave a crappy answer. Also it was on local TV news so not only did I sound bad, but I looked bad too! But your quote was really excellent! Maybe you should get a Ph.D. or something… 😛

    Hope things are good,

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