divided loyalties in WoW?… and Jade Empire and papers!

So, two weeks ago I worked my ass off to get a key made in World of Warcraft so that I could go with a group of people from an allied guild to a 10-man dungeon known as Karazhan. I was invited because apparently the server was lacking in 70 rogues at the time (who the people in the guild like… ). Anyway, after many hours working on it, we finally went for the first time last week (Friday and Sat nights). And it was fun!

Buning Crusade instances attunement

But to get there, I basically had to outrun some of my own guildies who were also working on getting keyed and solo/stealth some of the steps instead of waiting for them. Now a week later, some of them are still working on it and more are catching up to where they are. In a few more weeks, there should be enough people in my guild to go. Then I’ll have an interesting decision to make. Do I ditch the allied guild for my own guild? How permanent was my invite to the group, anyway? How will players from both guilds take my seemingly loose loyalties? Or is it a non-issue given that I was available and helped our allies and have always said that I prefer in-guild raids? We’ll see…

The past couple of days, I’ve also been playing a lot of Jade Empire. I’ll write a review soon. But I’ve also been writing papers and such for the end of quarter and now need to work on a book chapter with Lisa!

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    I think you left a comment on my blog quite some time ago that I never responded to — I guess I’m giving you an opportunity to do the same! At any rate you may want to check out Bonnie Nardi’s stuff on WoW if you haven’t seen it already (she’s not on your blog roll):


    at any rate drop me a line

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