Ushki’s alive!

We got Ushki back on Tuesday… I didn’t post immediately since, though we were happy about it and it ended up costing a couple hundred dollars less than the estimate, I was still in a foul mood.

I ended up letting my mood get the better of me when a couple of my jokes were misunderstood in guild chat and on the forums and instead of correcting the issue, I became defensive.

I will try my best to be more tolerant and understanding… though I have no guarantee the people who were reactionary to my initial statements will do the same.

The thing is that jokes and nuance just doesn’t work very well in text. It depends even more on context and additional indicators like 🙂 have to be added.

But it also sucks that I can’t joke with friends who I’ve known for YEARS without them taking it literally. Which is why I think I need to try to change myself and not be so quick to defense. The least I can do is meet them halfway.

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