Ushki update

On my birthday, two days ago, we went to the vet again to see if the antibiotics and new diet we received last Monday was helping with Ushki’s bladder infection and high pH level. The answer to both questions is yes. Yet, she was still peeing blood which isn’t so great. So we had an x-ray taken and it turns out that she had a little stone in her bladder which had been building up over quite a while. The vet, a really nice woman, Dr. Johnson, with 4 kitties of her own, highly recommended she undergo relatively easy surgery to get it out.

Happy birthday to me! $1570 surgery… not including the previous vet visits… we had to card it and now are in debt again. Fun!

Also, they had to keep her in the hospital for observation afterward. We’ll get to see her again after the holiday. We have not been notified how the surgery went but assume that if it went poorly someone would have called. So, hopefully, Ushki will be her old self again in a couple of days.

Robin has a way of saying things precisely sometimes, and yesterday she said that Ushki may be small but her presence is huge, and her absence leaves a palpable difference in the way our home feels.

The thought crossed my mind that maybe it didn’t work out. What would we do then? Would we sue the vet for not notifying us? What difference does it make if we had found out sooner? We probably can’t sue regarding the outcome since we signed some documents and such…

Anyway, this event has sort of put us in a funk.

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