Ushki has a bladder infection

Joy of joys… ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually, about 2 months ago, Ushki, our cat, was urinating blood and not going pee in her box, so we took her in to an emergency vet and she had formed crystals in her bladder from too high a pH. Apparently, her diet is not acidic enough. Or maybe she’s licking aluminum or maybe she gets magnesium from the bonito fish flakes we treat her with…

She got a couple of shots (pain killer and anti-inflamatory I think) and we got some antibiotic stuff to give her for like 2 weeks (which we only used about a week of, since she started barfing on it). The blood went away in like a day.

Anyway, we have been vigilant about aluminum foil and we don’t give her fish flakes anymore. But last week she started bleeding again. A visit to the vet again and we’re now trying out samples of prescription food. So far, she won’t even go near the canned food, and it’s taking a while for her to settle with the dry stuff. At first we had to mix in her old food, but now she’s only on the prescription stuff.

But she’s still peeing blood and her new favorite spot to pee is on our futon. We have towels down and clean up every time she does… but since we have guests coming over this weekend, we decided to buy another litter box and put it outside the room with the futon. Hopefully she’ll start using that.

So far she likes it. We’re trying out some corn-based, eco-friendly, flushable litter. It actually kinda smells good.

While we were at the store, we saw that PetCo has a couple of brands of catfood that make urinary system formulas. Also, they have some pills you can give your cat to help out with urinary stuff (like human pills, they have cranberry in them). We need to ask the vet if those over-the-counter things are just as good as the prescription stuff.

Also, how long will the blood last?? We see the vet again on Monday, so hopefully we’ll get some answers then.

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