Me rude?

A guildmate and fellow officer a few weeks back mentioned that I was blunt in the way I talk to people and that I make situations worse off. That made me think about the plane incident and I wonder if I need to be more cautious of how I say things… Have I always been like this and is it consistent? Or maybe I am now noticing it since I’m maturing, and maybe it is just sporadic. Everyone has bad days, right?

Last week, some people in guild were making one-liner references to a movie. It was getting a little extreme, and the references were really obscure. (My way of telling when someone’s entered the nerd-zone–the socially awkward part–is if they persist in talking about something no one else in the room gets.) I got a tell from another guildie saying that they were getting annoyed, so I said something in guild chat to quiet it down. Only, the way I said it was really rude. My excuse was that I was in the middle of wiping in MC and that we were having a particularly frustrating night, but still… is that an excuse? When do you chalk stuff up to “he’s having a bad day” vs. “you shouldn’t let your problems effect relations with others?” Luckily for me, the people I chastised in guild chat didn’t login all their alts and /gquit, and I was able to apologize publicly and in tell. But… I still feel bad about it and don’t know how they feel about me and the guild now…

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