Gaming group at Indiana starting a Silver Hand guild

Check out the announcement.

Synthetic World News

As some of you may know, Silver Hand is the server I play on. I have three questions for these guys:

1. Why did you choose an RP server? Arguably the behavior and how people communicate in an RP server is different than the stuff you would see in a PvE or PvP server…
2. Why did you choose Alliance? Horrible decision, imho, because you’ve basically sided with the dominant culture and fed more fire into the faction imbalance. There’s more to see on the Horde side simply because we’ve had to form a tighter knit network and we lament our oppression all the time. Well… at least that’s the conventional wisdom of Horde players. We’ll see if it lives up, I suppose.

3. Why did you choose Silver Hand? One of the most crowded, lag-ridden servers available… odd choice.

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