that’s interesting that we’re talking about dental insurance. diana and i just saw the dentist yesterday. it’s the first time for me in 2 years which is not good. turns out though, our new dental plan covers 100% of most routine work, ie. cleaning, cavities, etc. my problem is finding a reputable dentist. the last guy i saw said i had 10 cavities..i think i got 3 ‘fixed’ before i thought it was ridiculous. i didn’t follow up with a second opinion and now 2 years later my new dentist is saying i only have 3! did a check on the old dentist and turns out he’s out of business and had his license revoked..hmm.
same thing happened to diana in san diego..the guy told her she had a whole bunch on cavities, he probably drilled out good teeth and patched them up. she did as much as she could afford and then yesterday our new dentist said her teeth are cavities. i just hope that our new office isn’t screwing us…but i guess so far so good.
my philosophy is to avoid any medical attention if possible. even with insurance…i think healthcare is incrediby expensive. i just had a wort removed on my palm…several appointments over 2wk periods…$400! if i didn’t have insurance…$1,000,000,000 dollars

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