health and dental insurance, one year later

Remember a year ago when I was wondering if health insurance was worth it? Well, it is worth it if you have injuries like Robin’s back thing last year which is still bothering her and if you have to get a root canal.

Only, our insurance didn’t cover as much as I thought it would and it didn’t cover my friggin root canal last April… I put off getting a crown for the tooth for 5 months and now it seems I must otherwise I may lose the tooth. What’s more, I have another fracture on another tooth, so now I need TWO! I put it off cuz I figure we’d relook at our plans and get better insurance this year, but as it turns out, dental insurance for individuals really sucks like crazy.

We’re talking, the best I could find was they would cover 20%. What the fuck is that?? The best health insurance covers 80% after deductible. Man, I miss the good ole days of being an employee where the insurance would cover 100% after copayments! Boohoo!

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