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That sounds like the perfect job for you Mark! Good luck with that. If there aren’t enough x-boxs to pass around, realize who has the least responsiblities, the most time on his hands and therefor the greatest capacity to appreciate the gift.

A 3700pd package?…I’ve seen bigger. Check out Ben’s mom sometime. ๐Ÿ™‚ That 1.2mg sounds gnarly Hus. Don’t play with it without gloves and at least a nice pair of googles.

Condolences about your gramps Chris. I hope the Hus clan celebrates him well.

So this is RF weekend. Supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny all three days…its a miracle. Hopefully I can convince Colin and Diana to cut loose a bit and have some fun. I’m planning on having a costume for the first time. It was leaked to me that the Physics majors have converted a bread truck into a TMNT Van. I’m going to go as Shredder.

So I’m seriously considering an offer from a friend of mine named Romi. His friend has a Newport 40 sailing ship that they plan on sailing down the west coast with. They are planning on taking off about exactly when my ski cabin contract runs out. Here are the things Romi used to try and convince me to go. I would be learning how to kayak, scuba dive, sail, navigate, rock climb, and fish. We will eat mostly what we catch in the ocean. I can take off at any port along the way if sailing isn’t the thing for me. I will not be earning a penny when I’m doing this but the cost will be virtually nil. I’m really leaning towards turning pirate. And check this, if I feel up to it, they are going to sail from San Diego to Hus’ favorite vacation spot…Hawaii. This could be my entire summer.

So I just interviewed yesterday to coach the Reed College Men’s Basketball Team. I don’t know if I’m hired but Ann Casey came to me about the position and she seemed really happy after the Interview. The team has chewed through four coaches in the last four years. Two in the last year alone.

Well, thats all from the Mt. and Thanks Mark for keeping the Blog running.

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