Hi guys,

Had a good trip up to Seattle! Mark and Robin live in a real nice area…Hawthorne/NW PDX type. Real convenient with that bike store so close by..haha! Here are a couple of pics that I thought were kinda amusing. So who’s the ‘Tannery Brook Kid’..i’m confused. I’ve been downloading songs from radiohead’s hail to the theif album. mind you i’m a fan but just haven’t had a chance to pick up the cd.

if you guys haven’t seen ‘bowling for columbine’ you should check it out. i thought it was pretty powerful and funny at the same time. i can’t really remember the last time i had a serious discussion about a movie after seeing it.

anyway, i’ll be taking my GREs on the 20th…after that it’s UC Davis or bust..i guess it won’t be the end of the world if i don’t get in. Ben, you think you can call up some buddies back home and pull some strings?…haha..

Okay, i just had to include this pick of mark and i next to the fellowship. i think between the both of us we could take them all out but i guess gandalf might be a handful. mark and i could body slam those hobbits though.

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