Seattle so far–ramblings

It’s been sweet weather; I’m told there’s some sort of record breaking consecutive sunny days going on right now. The elections for a bunch of offices will take place soon and we got our voter’s ballots but have no idea who to vote for… IKEA really is something amazing. We spent 5.5 hours there when we went and we plan on going again in a week or so since a couple of the things we wanted weren’t in. I’m eating some of their Swedish meatballs right now.

Played the Warlords IV demo (good–coming out soon), the XIII demo (prob better on a console–coming out soon), the Neighbors from Hell demo (quite amusing–out now), the Divine Divinity demo (got good reviews when it came out a while ago, but I think it’s already outdated), and the Lionheart demo (despite using the Fallout rule system, this game is a Diablo clone and not a deep RPG–out now) among others. But basically can’t wait until Half-Life 2 and UFO: Aftermath.

When we got here our friends Geoff and Ann brought everyone who helped out Thai food from an unknown restaurant. We’ve also been to MiYi (the great Australian bite–pasties and such), Hattie’s Hat (since 1904–burgers and such), and the Firehouse Wingmasters (Buffalo wings and burgers–can’t find the Wingmasters part online, just their music info). We went to Pike’s Place with Colin and Diana (they came up Labor Day weekend) and had some Russian peroshkis and fresh mini-donuts. There’s also this amazing grocery store called Central Market; they have like 4 different types of locally made crab cakes in their freezer section, just to give an idea. Surprisingly, however, sushi is better from the Fred Meyer near us than from Central Market; they both have chefs make them right in front of you.

And finally, check out Achie McPhee… We live 3 blocks from their store.

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