We are good to go…

Damn Mark that MOO3 review is on point. You said exactly what I was thinking, but in a funnier and more concise way than I would have. I’m pretty disappointed with the game, at least for the two hours I tried to play it. I want Supernova…let’s pay George to break into J-McB’s house and steal it. By the way, thanks for the “simple/complex” shout-out.

In good news, I have set a date for my dissertation defense: April 22nd is high noon. In bad news, that means I have to have a draft to my readers by April 4th…that’s 16 more days of big fun! Plus that last week I am at a conference in Boston, for which I haven’t started my presentation. Melhus, did you check your calendar for the week of March 31st yet?

In other words, Bush seems to have finally done what he was going to do all along. I read an article that said all the details of this whole process, including the timeline, were set almost a year ago…shady. Also, what’s the deal with the fake nuclear evidence? It’s a depressing time for the world. The saddest part for me is that now if there is another terrorist attack in America, we really have no one to blame but ourselves. Of course, people will take that as evidence that Bush was right, and totally miss the point (as they have been missing it all along).

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