Wow, I love Powell’s response to the fake issue: “With respect to the uranium, it was the information that we had,” Powell said. “We provided it. If that information is inaccurate, fine.Fine? Fine what?

  • Fine – you caught me, or
  • Fine – in 27 hours no one will be talking about stupid aluminum tubes anyway?

s heartened to hear this though. At least the French are being relatively consistent. Did you hear about that bill that would have us dig up all of our WWII soldiers over there and bring them home? Wow.

So here’s my deal: I’m going to be in Maui from March 20th to March 29th. I will be around the week of the 31st, but it’s going to be a pretty interesting week, since I’ll be playing some major catch up. Our team is still talking about going to nationals, which would be the next week. Rumor has it that we’ll get nominated in the top ten for the tournament (we’re #8 now), but I am not convinced that we’ll finish that high. Some key people can’t make it. Personally, I’d rather not go. Anyway, Schrag you can call me on the cell phone whenever. I’ll have it in Hawaii.

Of course, you may notice that my plane leaves about 10 hours after the war deadline passes. If history is allowed to repeat itself, my vacation in paradise may get fucked. Two years ago, a trip home for my 27th birthday (and a major mental health vacation – I was to leave hours after learing the result of my Ph.D. written qualifier) was cancelled because of the Al Queda airplane attacks on the US. This time, I just want Bush to wait until I am safely in Hawaii, so I get stuck there. If the above statement makes me a shallow person, fine?

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