Give credit where credit is due…

Actually, Mark posted the link. He’s the dangerous one.

Even though I haven’t seen “Cradle 2 Tha Grave,” I have to wonder (as you did, B) how he plans to educate the West about buddhism through it. Were buddhist teachings tattooed on DMX? I saw a “making the video” with DMX on it. The director said something like:

“Yeah, now we are just waiting for X to show up. We usually set up, let him know that we’re ready for him, and he’ll drop by when he feels like it. We might wait 4 or 5 hours, but when he gets here, he’s focused. On top of his game.”

I got the impression that DMX couldn’t really be bothered to attend his own video shoot. Once he showed up, he repeatedly referred to himself in the third person and sounded more like a charicature of a modern-day Mr. T than anything else. I guess it sells records.

Schrag… you’ve been quiet. Is that ankle keeping you at home (watching re-runs of The Real World)?

Mark, had trouble with the new categories again. Any ideas?

Better try to get some work done.

Days until Hawaii: 15

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