So Chris, I read that link. Whatever; that’s his bag and that’s great and all. The question as to whether or not that should matter could be applied to movies like say The Omega Code, where the agenda is so apparent (obviously the whole point of the story, but they kinda pushed it, unlike something like the whole Indiana Jones series). I can’t recall if I actually thought it was a good movie, but the whole point of the movie basically annoyed me. This of course would bring up the point of why I’d go to such a thing in the first place as it’s content wasn’t unknown. In some respects, when one is at the point of going to movies done by specific actors, directors, producers, or whatever, one already knows and accepts whatever this person presents. So, yes, as an educated consumer, all I care is that the movie I go to see because of “x” person’s efforts is good. The dilemma; now that I am aware of Jet’s motivation or whatnot, I cannot for the life of me see any influence of this in Cradle. So in this specific case, his motivation matters only in the sense that I feel inadequate for not having drawn a greater insight from watching DMX and Jet pummeling people.

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