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Tooth much better now!

So, this past summer I broke my tooth (#31-back right bottom molar) and got an emergency filling. It hurt to chew on though, so I’ve been going through a series of appointments with Dr. Kevin Lashinsky up in Shoreline near Costco.

At first we were just going to put a crown on it and hope that it would solve the problem, but this past week it’s been hurting spontaneously–as in aching rather than sharp pain during chewing, even with the temporary crown. So, after going in again to see what was up, I finally got a root canal yesterday.

Dr. Lashinsky didn’t do the root canal; another dentist named Dr. Fletcher did it. I loved her sense of humor. Actually, I think I pretty much love everyone in that office. The people at the front desk, Chris and Amanda are great. Heather, the person who helped out Dr. Lashinsky is great. Lisa, who helped out Dr. Fletcher is great. Drs. Lashinsky and Fletcher are great. They actually take the time to talk and explain and show you x-rays and draw illustrations as they explain. And, I think they go by their first names, which is a first among the dentists I’ve seen. I kind of want to invite that whole office to the game parties we host once in a while… Thanks, Sarah for the recommendation!

Anyway, today, my tooth doesn’t hurt at all! Which makes sense, of course, since I now have some artificial hardened goo in place of nerves in my tooth. But still… Very nice to finally have to stop worrying about it.

The only problem right now is that the new temporary cover is a little higher than what it should be so I tend to hit it first as I bite down, but I’ll be getting the final crown on the 23rd. Huzzah!