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Cph update

Some people I’m hanging out with this week are staying in a hotel just around the corner with free wifi. I’m in their lobby right now waiting for them to get back from morning sessions so we can go to Tivoli Gardens together.

On Wednesday I attended the In the Game workshop which was great. We talked about ethnographic methods and what that meant for our work including issues of responsibilities, co-presence, involvement, disclosure, and risk.

From Copenhagen, Oct 16

On Thursday, the IR9 conference proper started. A few games sessions that I went to and I saw Mimi Ito’s keynote describing the multi-sited work that sounded similar to the methods used in ESTG, though maybe shallower with a wider net. Her presentation didn’t cover methods that much so it was hard to figure out if they did more than interviewing or how deep any sort of participant-observation happened. Also, of course, it covered a different topic: youth and media and general media usage vs. deeper interest-based groups usage

I was talking with Roger from Utah about the keynote at dinner that night and he had some tough questions for Mimi, but didn’t ask them because he didn’t want to piss off a big name just yet, being a new scholar and all. So, I volunteered to ask her via email when I get back in the states. I guess we could also just wait til November when the report comes out.

More later.