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elections getting in the way of work

or maybe I should say that my emotions over elections are getting in the way…

Apparently, the governor’s race in WA might be going to the republican Rossi instead of dem Gregoire (even though she’s just barely ahead in polls) due to good early voting turnout in rural areas. I think the fear is that people in Seattle and other cities won’t bother voting since the country will go for Obama with or without us, not realizing that their state’s governor is at risk, too.

[Edit] What the ? Check out this completely different account saying that Gregoire leads by a wider margin than polls indicated among early voters.

In California, prop 8 looks scary as hell, too. 🙁

Makes it rather hard to concentrate on work and these two papers I have due later this month.

Fallout 3 gets delivered to my door this afternoon, which surely can’t be good either…