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Chicago O’Hare and arriving in Madison

I was all set to hop onto the net and post a photo of the glorious Chicago style hotdog I just ate at Gold Coast (intersection of H and G gates in O’Hare, and gets a bad rep on Yelp). Unfortunately, the wifi that is advertised all over the place and hawked through the PA system is not as free as they lead you to believe… Ah well…

I was lured into false hope because I was able to find a free hotspot in SeaTac at the Tully’s down my gateway. I was surprised to see that it was free, at first, but then figured, it was only a matter of time. So in Chicago, I just figured they were further along than Seattle. In retrospect, I guess that seems contrary to commmon sense, what with all the high-tech business in Seattle…

So, I’m writing this post while in O’Hare but I won’t be able to upload it until I get on a hotspot in Madison. I am not sure if my hotel has free wifi, so it might have to wait til tomorrow when the conference starts…

Awesome; my hotel has free wifi! Here’s photos of the hot dog:

I already met a bunch of people at the airport terminal waiting for the 30 min flight to Madison:

  • Judy Perry–who I think I also met at ICLS but maybe I’m misremembering
  • Eric Klopfer–who I’ve seen before but haven’t really met and still haven’t really met since he was busy with some crazy-ass small computer when I went to say to them all
  • Alex Chisholm–who maybe I met at the Education Arcade 2004
  • Andy? or maybe Dan? (I’ll double check the name and update this tomorrow)–who recently graduated and works with Alex

Then I sat next to Steve Atlas, another GLS participant, on the plane (which was an hour late). Talked a little about our respective research. ๐Ÿ™‚

The shuttle ride from the airport the hotel was pretty cool, too. I sat up front since it was just me, and talked with Louis the driver about restaurants, World of Warcraft, shuttle drivers, etc.

Pretty nice hotel room at the Doubletree was waiting for me. The king size bed has 5 pillows! ๐Ÿ™‚

Up early tomorrow for registration and conference. More later!