Co-op Space Card Game prototype ready for download! #gameaweek

I did it! I finished a set of print-n-play files for the Co-op Space Card Game I’m making!

Co-op Space Card Game.prototype rules (PDF)

Co-op Space Card Game.print n play prototype (PDF) FIXED! (There was a printer set up error… print Actual Size on 8.5×11 in. paper)

The art is NOT final. Nor are the rules, really…

Co-op Space Card Game prototype cards

The card game takes up 104 cards, fitting nicely into two standard playing decks (minus the jokers). The PDF file I made is meant to be printed at 8.5×11 inch. 13 pages.

Also, it’s in full color, but feel free to print it all bnw.

I’ve found that printing them out on standard weight paper, cutting them into cards, and then inserting them into card sleeves along with some regular playing cards makes for a serviceable prototype. I’ll be making this newest version myself tomorrow!

Co-op Space Card Game prototype cards 2

Once I feel better about the game and have gotten it playtested a bunch more, I’ll create card backs and prepare an ArtsCow and/or Game Crafter set to order…

Please send me feedback!

This was part of the #gameaweek challenge I’m doing with Ana Salter, Melissa Peterson, Dennis Ramirez, Nick Lalone, and Greg Koeser!

Check out Ana’s game for this week, Bubble!

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