Need feedback on poster about expertise in WoW as sociomaterial practice

Check it out. Too busy? Does it even say anything?

[Edit: the latest version can be seen below the first image. Thanks for the feedback!]


3 thoughts on “Need feedback on poster about expertise in WoW as sociomaterial practice”

  1. Mark!

    Answering the call on Facebook for comments…

    I think this looks beautiful. My small comments:

    – Maybe swap your setting and methods parts. You have WoW-y details in the methods section that might be better framed by knowing the setting.

    – In the methods section, it’s unclear why you’re including the stuff about the SS/rezzes. (Might also want to include druids :P… I’m assuming this is a vanilla horde raid since it’s MC).

    – The findings section has a lot going on in it and it’s difficult for me to see boundaries between sections. Is there a way to differentiate a bit more clearly between findings?

    Overall though, lovely! I love the screenshots.

  2. wow. Looks great to me. Is this for the UW Learning thing? Ed and I will be there, but we have no poster yet.

  3. thanks for the feedback!

    Tim, no this is for a meeting between students and postdocs who are part of Science of Learning Centers. We’re to share our research and connect with each other to learn more about each others’ centers.

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