Bike USA: God Bless America (written by Max)

Fourth of July in Newcastle, Wyoming eating Thanksgiving dinner and eating s’mores as the equivalent of the bombing of Dresden happens around us. That pretty much sums it all up.

Stewart and Sarah who we met in Yellowstone Park have fed us and been the best hosts ever here in eastern Wyoming. They did a six year around the world cycle trip which hit every single continent including Antarctica. Their two kids Klaus and Nathelie are so cute and crazy intelligent. The two year old has better grammar than me. Rizz from Canberra, Australia is here too. They sure don’t work much in the land down under. Aunt Nat is here too. As well as the Soviet missile disarmament. There was so much gunpowder in the air last night you’d think it was invented by bison in the plains of Wyoming.

Panda and Hello Kitty like siteseeing, too.

Since meeting the family on the 28th, we’ve had five days to make it here. 93, 66, 104, and 79 have been our mileages. Then a huge thunderstorm clogged my rear derailler housing and we got a ride for the last 70 miles.

We met train workers including a couple of engineers who drop by the town’s bar at night for a snack via LOCOMOTIVE.

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