Bike USA: June 26-27, 2000 – Yellowstone (written by Max)

There is a certain peaceful simplicity to camping, chopping wood, gouging a two inch deep chasm in your shin, and screaming like a banshee. Alas though, we have been sleeping in a hostel, watching HBO, and catching shows at the local movieplex. Chicken Run and Titan AE to be exact. Both were a bit short but entertaining nevertheless. There were so many things wrong with Titan AE but it was fun anyway.

Three things that make you go hmmmm:

  1. road signs of semi trucks tipping over. no explanation or speed caution, just a warning that it happens.
  2. a dozen little grave markers along the road signifying road accidents. probably from drunk driving.
  3. huge fallen branches in the bike lane during a very windy day. um, excuse me Bell Helmets, but do you have a falling tree test?

It is rainy and cold in Yellowstone right now as I write this message. The body acquires a certain stickiness and odor after this many days without a shower and repeated applications of sunscreen, bug repellant, and aloe. I can do shampoo hairstyles without the shampoo. It is an interesting feeling when the residue prevents me from feeling if I’m wearing any clothes. I swear I wore something yesterday when biking but it has all become a blur.

There are a lot of mosquitos here.

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