Mark’s job talk: Expertise and Collaboration in Online Games

This is the job talk I gave for an interview last week at the American Institutes for Research. It only took 6 hours to figure out how to record audio, edit it, upload it, and tweak it… but… now I know how to do it! Hooray,!

4 thoughts on “Mark’s job talk: Expertise and Collaboration in Online Games”

  1. and now that I’ve listened to myself a bit… I’ve realized that I don’t explain some points very well and somehow ended up with a 15 min recording for a presentation that takes about 30 min in front of people. I think when I’m in front of people I’m more natural, not reading from a script, etc., and I take the time to explain what I say if I see people aren’t getting it. I’ll try rerecording myself without a script and see what I get.

  2. You talk too fast and the voice is not crispy!
    I am sure when you presented it in front of people , it would be better.
    well, practice the voice in front of a big tree or facing the ocean!

  3. Well, I quite liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will probably ninja quite a few of your points (accredited ofc) for my next lecture on games and learning.

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