Max and Mark’s bicycle ride across the US

Ten years ago, my brother Max and I rode our bicycles across the US, starting from Portland and ending up in Washington, D.C. We were sponsored by the National Bicycle Greenway, and we kept a travel log of our trip, back before wordpress, blogspot, etc. existed. We’d write our posts on our little handheld PCs and then hand code the markup necessary to apply styles. These were then ftped onto a website that was hosted by my employer, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, which popped them into a pre-made template using Cold Fusion. An archive of the site can be found on my permanent domain (Max and Mark’s Excellent Adventure). The actual trip was from June 1 to August 29, 2000; we took a leisurely ride lasting the whole summer, hitting as many kitschy, touristy stops as we could along the way, staying a week in Chicago with our cousin Leo and his wife Stacy, etc.

Max and Mark's Excellent Adventure

I thought, since it’s been ten years, it’d be nice to resyndicate our travel log, so I’ll be posting our original posts into this blog, exactly ten years after the fact. I’ve missed the start date already, though, so I’ll have to backdate those posts. I plan to live vicariously through my past self. 🙂

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  1. It is such a valuable experience and a precious memory in one’s life! I envy you and the brother Max, of cause,with a little bit proud and worry too…… as a mother/friend.

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