moved server

My previous post announcing that the server was about to be changed no longer exists!
It’s like the Twilight Zone! omg!! rofl!!1!!

ahem… anyway, it seems like my permalinks are broken so things like my CV and About page and any page, really, including single-post pages, are broken…

Fixing it ASAP, especially since I’ve started sending out job applications and include my url in my contact details…

Fixed! <undelete> though I had to change my permalinks from to which, personally, I don’t prefer since I think seeing the date in the address bar is more meaningful than the post ID…</undelete>

For reals now… thanks Erik!

Uh… I had to switch it back to default permalinks again since for some reason my CV page wasn’t working…

Changed the name of my CV page which fixed the permalink.

One thought on “moved server”

  1. Not quite sure why they’d be hosed now, but if you give me an account on your wordpress installation with admin privs I’ll get the permalinks working right.

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