Recent publications

I’ve been remiss in posting when things of mine get published.

I just now updated the Papers page with this:

  • Chen, M. (forthcoming). Visualization of expert chat development in a World of Warcraft player group. E-Learning.
  • Chen, M. (forthcoming). Social dimensions of expertise in World of Warcraft players.Transformative Works and Cultures.
  • Chen, M. (2009). Communication, coordination, and camaraderie in World of Warcraft. Games and Culture 4, 47-73.  Check out the different versions of this paper I’ve made available in the name of making academia transparent!  Email me for the final version or wait til it gets published in 2009.
  • Chen, M. (2008). The player matters: A review of Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword. E-Learning 5(4), 508-512.
  • Chen, M. (2008). Moral ambiguity in The Witcher: A game review. E-Learning 5(3), 358-365.

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