Been busy for the last 4 days–Fallout 3!

Well, actually, I worked for most of Wednesday, but this week has seen my work… my very pressing, time-sensitive work… put on hold while I play Fallout 3.I told Gray I wouldn’t play until the end of the month, too.. but, no, the wasteland called.

It’s a highly engrossing game. Feels a lot like Oblivion meets Half-Life meets.. well, meets Fallout, minus some of the campy humor. I miss that campy humor, though.

Replacing the humor is lots of emergent (in other words: spontaneous, unplanned, somewhat different every time you play) behavior and events in the game. It makes for a very dynamic world. But a lot of what you see is out in the big open world map. This replaced Fallout 1/2’s random encounters while traveling from poi to poi. Maybe I didn’t travel enough in this new game to find the funny easter eggs…

Anyway, I finished my first play-through about 2 hours ago. I’ll write up more in a week or so after some of my friends have had a chance to finish.

Meanwhile.. I guess I should restart my writing.  Oh, and Obama won! 🙂

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