Cph, day 1, October 14

I arrived to Copenhagen just fine. The flight was half empty so I was able to switch seats to an almost empty row. I kind of wish I booked the flight right before leaving, though, as I prob would’ve saved like $200.

What was kind of annoying was that the movies (peronal screen on the seatback in front of you) weren’t on-demand, so after watching one, you had no idea if the movie playing on the next channel over had just started or was midway or what… I watched The Incredible Hulk and Hancock and a part of Little Miss Sunshine.

Copenhagen’s airport feels a lot like a train station. Or at least, the connection to mass transit is featured much more prominently than Sea-Tac’s bus stops in ghetto land. I snapped a few shots while waiting for the train into town and then some more of the cityscape as I emerged from my train stop at Kongens Nytorv.

From Copenhagen, Oct 14

Lots of bicyles, like Amsterdam. Lots of huge, old buildings, like Amsterdam. I like already!

From Copenhagen, Oct 18

I checked into a tiny hotel room, by American standards, but it seems the norm for Europe.
After checking in, I met up with Casey and he told me that some people were getting dinner at 5. A few hours to kill, I went downstairs and asked the woman if there was an internet cafe around. She said that there was a place just round the corner that might be open (it’s a national holiday this week or something.. some Autum festival…).

The cafe is called Holberg 19, in case you’re wondering. They have a laptop set up that has a funky keyboard which is half broken, so typing on it was a pain. I decided to come back later with my own laptop.

Hector (Temple) called me from my hotel lobby after I got back to my hotel room, and he and I worked for a couple of hours at that cafe while we waited for dinnertime.

That was nice, and Hector had some great tips for entering the job market, especially from a Communications angle. While there, my stomach acid started going nuts (as can happen when I travel it seems), so I took a quick break to head back to the hotel room and take some baking soda pills that Robin made.

I also stopped by a convenience store nearby to get some lotion that I forgot to pack. I couldn’t read any of the labels so I just went with the cheapest one (33 DKK ~ $6), and it turns out to be really thick and greasy. Ah well… it’s just for a week.

Anyway, after working a bit, we met up with Casey (UGA), his wife Andrea, Shira (RPI), and Roger (Utah) and went out to dinner, which was quite good and featured ridiculously huge sandwiches.

Things here are expensive, though. The burger was 140 DKK which is about $28! It was really good, but damn… I’m considering frequenting the various hot dog stands I see. Roger says they are pretty good, and a dog costs about 25 DKK. Much more affordable!

While eating my burger, my temporary crown broke off! Sheesh, will my dental nightmare never end? I*’m hoping that I can just make sure to clean that tooth really well after meals and hold out until I get the permanent crown put in scheduled for the 23rd back in Seattle. Man!

We then went to an Irish pub, the Dubliner for a bit and talked about games, narrative, embodiment, emergence, the TWC issue that Casey, Hector, and I are all contributing to, the In The Game workshop that Casey and I are in tomorrow, etc.

Got back here, worked a bit, fell asleep at 10. Now I’m awake at 3 AM writing this blog post in a text editor to upload tomorrow when I have net access. I gotta get more sleep and I was practically falling over during dinner, but I seem pretty awake right now… 2 hours during the flight and now 4 hours tonight. That doesn’t seem good…

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  1. argh! that damn tooth. i have no idea what the crown looks like or what state the tooth is in under it, but do you think it would work or make sense to track down some denture glue and stick the crown on every day to protect your tooth? i have this horrible image of you trying to eat with a raw, stubby molar. hopefully it’s not that bad.
    ushki cuddled under the covers this morning because it was so cold.
    love you.

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