Weird evening

Went to the first Educators for Social Justice meeting this year, and it was cool meeting lots of new people and seeing old friends. The pace was a little slow when I arrived (an hour late due to another meeting), so I tried to bang through the remaining agenda items when I got there.  🙂

After that was the Graduate and Professional Student Senate social, which is basically a big ol party with free beer (3 max) and food for grad students. Went with a couple of other ESJ officers. It was kind of surreal. Me and Kate ended up getting three Guinnesses for later (they only opened the bottled beer and left the cans closed for some reason). After Fuyu and Kate had left, I mingled a little with other people: some students from Public Health and then this one group that was totally smashed and kind of annoying… oh yeah, that’s why I don’t like drunk people and therefore don’t really drink myself! Apparently, this one guy had been an elementary teacher and hated it (but sounded like he might’ve had an attitude problem–he had been asked to leave his program 8 times before he finally graduated in 2004), so now he’s back in school getting an MBA. Ha!

After that I waited in the rain forever for the 44. After I got on, a couple of men who appeared homeless and/or gangsta sat next to me. One of them kept saying how he had heroin and was going to sell it and buy some crack and then sell that real fast, too. He also waved around a needle of some sort and then a napkin with a wad of brown goo in it and was asking people to smell it and buy it for $15.

That was strange. I have no idea what heroin is supposed to smell or look like, but this seemed like a goo of really dehydrated vinegar. It sure smelled like vinegar.

I got off early and caught the next bus which was actually just like 2 minutes later since the first was so late.

I arrived home to a nice surprise. The Acer Aspire One I ordered several weeks ago finally became in-stock and had been shipped to my place today! But, boooo.. I ordered the blue one and got the white.

Ah well… I was going to take it to Denmark with me in a couple of weeks so I don’t think I have time to exchange it. Oh, and btw, that reminds me, I got my new passport today too!

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