Either genius or scary

(via Sylvie)

Schools should care to teach students communication and social networking skills, so in a way using a site like this should be encouraged. It’s more important that you know how to get answers rather than knowing the answers initially.

Yet, there’s some really basic questions there that would seem to be things students ought to know.

So maybe what I really mean is that for questions where clear-cut answers are not so easy, we should encourage students to explore collaboratively possible solutions, tapping into specialized expertise in their friends and other people in their networks.

But then this takes it one step further by working in a collective. It isn’t really social networking; it’s p2p, dogpile, cloud computing.

Ideally, students would be sharing answers with reasoning behind them so that the ones who ask can learn from the experience, but I’m guessing they’re just interested in providing quick n dirty answers that’ll make them money.


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