Off to Games Learning Society in Madison, WI!

After spending a week at home, recovering from jet lag, playing some games, going to a couple of parties, and working, I’m off to another conference. This one is focused specifically on games and education and is hosted by the Games Learning Society group at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Basically, it’s the Constance and Kurt crew, plus some other profs (formerly Jim Gee) and their students, afaik.

One thing that’s cool is that a bunch of Terror Nova, the World of Warcraft guild run by the Terra Nova blog peeps, will be there and we’re planning a LAN party on Thursday night at a bar with terrace seating. ๐Ÿ™‚

I met a bunch of them last year, but I was relatively new to the guild. While I haven’t played much this past year, recently I did start raiding with them (Kara100 was fun!), and it’d be great to strengthen my link of faces to the screen names.

Another cool thing is that I’m presenting the same expertise topic at GLS as I did at ICLS just last week in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This time, however, instead of a poster, it’s a roundtable session (with a bunch of concurrent roundtables featuring WoW research going on. I’m bummed I won’t see everyone else’s stuff, but I’m excited with what I’ll be doing.

I worked for the last two or three days on paper figures of a raid group in the Ragnaros fight. Photos are on my camera at home, and I forgot to upload them last night, so you’ll have to wait til after my session for cool photos of the diorama. But to give you and idea, below is a low-quality jpeg of one of the sheets that I printed out. While Robin and I were cutting them out last night we already learned a couple of tips to make them better. Alas, no time, but I’ll touch up the sheets with the modifications and post them here so you can make them if you want. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I’ll be blogging updates about the conference over the next few days. Then I’m off to San Jose for a month!

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