Lots o stuff!

A list:

  • I’m taking a cool class this quarter called the Poetics of Play in Digital Role-Playing Games!  It’s part of the Critical Gaming Project run by Terry Schenold a PhC in English.  I should prob ask him at some point how start a class; I’m not sure the college of ed would be the right venue for me.
  • My mom and bro came up during spring break (last week) and we went to Ocean Shores for about 4 days.  Small, small town.  Kinda not as wealthy/resorty as I thought it would be.  Plus, it’s like 97% white.  Heh.
  • Cherry blossoms are full-on right now.
  • It snowed a few days ago.  Nice.
  • I’m going to be in San Jose, CA for a month in the summer!  🙂

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