New boardgames!

I just got some new boardgames!



I wanted a pure cooperative game but I thought that Shadows Over Camelot and Lord of the Rings were a bit long. When I heard that this game was pretty quick and good for newbies, I grabbed it!

Battleground: Fantasy Warfare

Battleground: Fantasy Warfare

This is a cool idea and caught my eye when it first game out a few years ago. Basically, think miniature war game without the miniatures. It uses cards that you place and move around on the table instead, using the sides of other cards to measure how far they can move (like Pirates of the Spanish Main). I used to play Warhammer Fantasy Battle back in high school (16 years ago) but ever since have never been able to get a stable enough life to consider getting a huge miniatures collection. Expensive and bulky! Having them in playing-card form is genius! I hope the game is good.

Dungeon Twister

Dungeon Twister and the 3/4 player expansion

I’ve been playing a lot with Ari or Brian H. recently, and this made me think that I need a good two player game, but I also saw that this game had a 3/4 player expansion so it would work with more people, too! I hear it’s like dungeon chess. Reading the rules, I really like how combat is done Cosmic Encounter style except that you don’t have a random hand. It adds a nice guessing game to the combat–“do I play my good card or save it for later?” I hope the game works well and that it isn’t so cerebral as to be unapproachable.


Dungeoneer – Vault of the Fiends

I originally got one pack of Dungeoneer (Tomb of the Lich Lord) a few years ago after I had been playing Carcassonne a bit. Like Carcassonne, Dungeoneer is a tile laying game but around the dungeon delving theme and using playing cards. (I wonder if the use of playing cards only came about due to CCGs like Magic.) I never felt like there was enough variety in the dungeons though. Brian H. got another deck of Tomb which will make the dungeon bigger, but I got Vault of the Fiends hoping it’d make a nice complement to our two Tomb decks.

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  2. Was my post put through a translater and then translated back to English? Is that one way bots automate pingbacks, etc. to drive people to their sites?

  3. Well, I read the rules yesterday but haven’t been able to play Pandemic yet. A bunch of people are getting together on Sunday though, so hopefully by Monday I can report out. 🙂

  4. I haven’t posted an update, but on the 8th I played a solo game using two roles on easy mode and got my butt kicked (too many outbreaks).

    On the 9th four of us got together and played and we won on easy mode. The general feeling was that the game was fun but impersonal. The diseases don’t negatively effect the players in any way and there’s no personal/visceral attachment to winning or losing. We’re thinking up variants but haven’t come up with any that would help in that regard. Maybe naming the diseases and throwing in other flavor text would help.

    On the 23rd, I played again with my mom, bro, and Robin. The best part about the game is that it is light enough and short enough that non-gamers can play. Never did I think my mom would play any boardgame with me, but when she did she had fun! We played on easy mode again and would have lost one turn before winning (deck running out before we could cure the last disease). Robin convinced us to quickly turn it into the expert mode and put the last two epidemic cards in the deck so we’d get an extra turn and win. :p

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