So this is where they found my blog…

For the last couple of days my posts about Leehom have been getting a lot of hits and comments.

I think this is where they found them!  It’s a discussion board about him.  It’s all in Chinese, but when put through a translator (such as Google’s), I see that they’re definitely talking about me and my family reunion post…

For the record, I am older than Leehom.  I do not yet have a doctoral degree but am pretty close.  My Mandarin is not that great because my parents decided to speak English once I got into kindergarten so that I could compete with the other American kids.  I do regret it sometimes.

However, wo kayee ting de dong yi dian dian guo yu, so no whispering about me thinking I don’t understand!  🙂

One thing about family success… sure my family is talented and successful of a sorts.  But what matters is what we do with that responsibility, and I’m not entirely sure we’re doing enough.  Of course, I’ve just been reading Lipsitz

Really bad stuff is happening in society; it sometimes seems completely surreal that I’m trying to think deeply about how to live a responsible life, how to deal with the fear of taking on that responsibility, and not delve into misanthropy and hopelessness, while at the same time getting recognition for something completely out of my everyday realm of existence.

4 thoughts on “So this is where they found my blog…”

  1. You’re right! When I saw your address in OUR-HOME I’m coming! This is my first time to read an English blog and I read it very slowly because my English is poor but I like it.Reading your blog I can also practice my English,thanks!

  2. well, practice English? It seens a good idea! Once I have a friend accroding email called Billie in Arizana USA. I don’t know where is the place. But i am instered in American. I decide to apply the PhD in American. I wonder if I can apply the scholarship.

  3. Haha , I’m not sure if I understand what Deny meant . Anyway , I found your blog when I googled leehom some time ago but it’s not just because of him that I read your blog . Interesting stuff since I’m an ethnic Chinese ( is that what we’re called ? ) from Malaysia .
    Uh oh I’m in danger of sounding like an idiot now . Just thought I’d drop by and say hi though 🙂

  4. hey ya Mark..

    actually me n my fren found abt ur blog sometimes ago..(1 or 2 yrs ago..)..well..linked to ur cousin that is..but we never had posted ur blog url publicly cos we think later pple will keep on stalking u.:)

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