Quit World of Warcraft today

After collecting auction data over the weekend, putting pretty much everything I have in my banker mules on auction yesterday, then collecting the money and selling anything that didn’t get bid on, and finally depositing all my gold into the guild bank, I quit WoW today.  I almost teared up yesterday and today.  Auctioning everything and then collecting my mail took hours.  Yeesh!

But the tears (almost) were from melancholy as I’ve spent a good 3 years of my life with WoW and have made many friends (who I hope to see in future games).  And of course, my dissertation is on WoW players as they learn teamwork in raids.

I sent some farewell messages to non-guildies (as I plan on keeping in touch with the guild through our online forums) and sat next to Thrall in Nagrand while logging out.

Ironically, for some reason all my characters had a present in their mail for the collector’s edition pet.  I don’t know if all players who bought the collector’s edition were likewise affected, but, after 3 years, Thoguht was finally able to get a panda.  Damn you, Blizzard!  😛

3 thoughts on “Quit World of Warcraft today”

  1. OMFG!

    I seriously got chest pains when I read this. Mark, you are a much stronger man than I. Though I am thinking of taking a hiatus for comps… ugh, leaving is so hard to do. Good luck my friend.


    p.s. What auction data are you collecting?

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