Itty Bitty RPG

I finally got around to installing Itty Bitty RPG over in the sidebar –>

Unfortunately, with my blog’s stylesheet, the pop-up box text is a little small, but you can up the font size of your browser while playing…  It’s sort of in beta stage right now and a lot of things aren’t there yet, but still fun to play.  Read more about it at the Itty Bitty RPG site.

Also, you’ll notice that there are now two sidebars.  Less scrolling!

The Google AdSense has been moved over to single posts so that people who come to the homepage won’t see ads (whereas people who get to specific posts from searching, will).  I played around with a plugin that Erik tipped me off on, but it turns out that it only lets you stick ads in WordPress widgets.. and there doesn’t seem to be a widget that can be inserted right after a post in my current theme.  Maybe switching themes would work but whatever.

Finally, I divided the search into both a general Google one and one specific to my site…  I still need to play around with having Google results be embedded in one of my pages; once I figure that out, those two search boxes will become one again.

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