new hard drive?

So I’m going to get a bigger hard drive this weekend.  I think my mobo supports SATA.  Right now I have an internal 180 GB IDE and an external 180 GB USB which is kind of nice symmetry in terms of keeping a backup of my stuff…  Initially I was thinking I’d get a bigger disk and then put data on one disk and programs on the other.

But which should I use for what?  Do I need a faster disk for data access/media or for applications?  Or should I just get another IDE?

If I get a bigger disk, I’m also kind of wondering how I’m going to keep a backup…  Get TWO disks?  Or maybe make my two old ones backup drives?  Hmm.. I suppose if I make the new SATA drive the main one with apps and stick photos, music, and docs on my old one, my old external can still just backup my smaller older data drive…  But then I have to reformat and reinstall windows so that the SATA is my primary drive… what a pain…

Any readers have thoughts?

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