Surreal nights and days

So, I went to a panel on Networked Public Spheres this afternoon that included one presenter talking about how young people are volunteering in unprecedented amounts but not voting much.  This can be thought of as a change from dutiful citizenry to actualized citizenry.  Interesting.  And then I immediately went to a ONE Campaign event pushing young voter participation.  Weird contrast.

The ONE thing was populated by a whole slew of really young undergrads.  Felt weird being there, so I left (and missed out on free pizza).  🙁   But of course the ONE campaign is much more than just voter turnout, so not sure why I left…

Now I am sitting in the HUB deciding whether to go to Lions for Lambs tonight or watch a basketball game.  😛

I watched Darfur Now earlier this week and it was really good, though I wish it ended with more information about what individuals could do.

Last evening I had a really good talk with another student who helped me solidify my research agendas.

It seems like I’ve been accomplishing more in the evenings these last couple of weeks than during the day, in sort of informal hanging out with people rather than structured scheduled meetings.  Is this what it’s like to not take classes or just a tiny anomaly slice of my life?

You know what, I bet this weird disjointed existence is related to being between major computer games…  Or maybe it’s just that I am idle and so am thinking about stuff more.

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