Wii and the web?

You know how Miis can mingle?  Is there a way to hook a Wii up to a website so that we can have a social network kind of website with Miis and stats and stuff?  Or does that exist already?  I don’t have a Wii.

2 thoughts on “Wii and the web?”

  1. So far you can only have your Mii’s mingle via friend-codes on the Wii. Our friends show up in Tennis and wee on theirs. It would be neat if there was a way like with WoW characters that you could at least display info about your Mii online. Or some way to easily “friend” people. Not so on the Wii. You must manually enter your friends Wii number which is something like: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX where X = some number. Lame.

    It is also possible to over-flow your Mii-space. Though I’ve not managed. Someone did… somewhere… I’m sure… within hours. 😉

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