Making academia transparent

So, I’m still updating the AoIR stuff, but I got side-tracked by something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I put 3 different versions of my WoW paper up, along with 2 different versions of the slides. I’ve always wished academia, including the writing process, was more transparent. Why not start with me?

I also plan on uploading different versions of my dissertation (and proposal) as well as the complete data set I am working with (after I get it packaged and nicely organized) so anyone can use my data and see if I’m talking shit or bring their own lens to a complex social situation that I’m sure I’m only seeing only a focused fraction of. One thing that worried me is the fact that a lot of the in-game WoW chat is so specific to WoW that only other WoW players could understand what’s going on. But I can at least try to explain some of the terms and make it open for inspection. Anyone who has questions can just ask me to translate, by god!

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