Oh btw… AoIR program

is available at the wiki ( http://wiki.aoir.org/index.php?title=About_IR8.0 ) and as a downloadable PDF ( http://www.sfu.ca/~smith/AoIR2007ProgramOct11.pdf ).
lilly and clifford.jpg

I skipped out on the first keynote (there’ll be one each day) by John Lester (who I think gave the same talk at GLS) to go eat dim sum at the Imperial Seafood Restaurant with a grad student named Lilly Nguyen. I’m not sure it was the same one that Aaron recommended in his comment to two posts ago… since their variety didn’t really impress me and we found two hits when we googled it, but it was pretty good. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of it, too… sheesh.

dim sum.jpg

Oh, I met David Silver again at the first session I went to. That was cool.

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